Synergy in partnerships is central to our oncology and hematology strategy to discover innovative therapeutic options in areas with high unmet medical needs. Our partners’ network helps us deliver our therapeutic solutions to cancer patients around the globe, including countries where Servier has no direct access to patients such as the USA or Japan.

Working in partnership needs collaborative skills and a solution-oriented mindset. It implies constant questioning on what we know and the way we do things; it’s a great enrichment. Working in partnership is a constant learning and sharing of knowledge, ideas, skills, and practices in oncology and hematology.
Partnerships can face cultural differences based on geography or on company focus. Very innovative biotechs, such as those with which we partner in CAR-T cell therapy, are operating in an unchartered field where all has to be invented. Partnerships with academics and universities focus on basic science with different approaches to time.

We thank our partners for this enrichment as we work together to find new and better solutions. We strive to be a good partner. Our strong team of alliance managers makes sure that partnered activities are delivered as they should be and on time.

Together we are driven by one mission: providing patients with novel therapeutic options in areas with high unmet needs.

Our partnerships as of October 2016